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Our aim is to use our expertise and experience to provide innovative and straight forward tax advice which is always commercially driven. We ensure we have a full understanding of the business or personal context of the issue to help determine a practical and timely solution or range of possible solutions. 


We possess the necessary expertise to ensure that you and your business are compliant with all current legislation and ensure that the tax advice is clear, technically sound, commercial and practical. Our professional service ensures you receive sophisticated not complicated assistance whether that is specialist or standard advice and action across all areas of taxation including; 


  • Business Tax – providing continuous accountancy and financial support for small to medium sized businesses.


  • Corporate Tax – minimising your exposure and relieving you of the administrative burden of complying with tax legislation.


  • Inheritance Tax – requires advance planning because the earlier you make arrangements, then the more opportunities become available.


  • Personal Tax – offering clear, concise and timely advice on improving your personal finances.


  • VAT Services – VAT is a complex form of tax that requires a thorough understanding of the legislation.


  • Tax Planning – providing forward-thinking advice on ways to improve your circumstances with the revenue commissioners.


Tax investigations by the revenue commissioners can be costly, stressful and very time consuming. We have assisted clients with advice and support on many occasions over a 20 year period, ensuring that our clients’ interests are protected from the start to the conclusion of the investigation.


There is no charge for our first consultation which allows us to learn about your circumstances and create a bespoke accounting solution that meets your requirements. This would ensure that all returns, from your self-assessment forms to limited company or corporation taxation are completed in a timely manner.


Our corporate tax expertise offer businesses a complete tax solution, from basic compliance through to high-level structuring, while our personal tax team assist with self-assessment and tax investigations.


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