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Management Accounts

We provide management accounts on a monthly basis that assists you in the formulation of policies and in the planning and control of the business. The service provides a detailed overview of how your business is preforming through the preparation of forward-looking accounts and usually includes a balance sheet, cash flows and income statements.


We produce systematically prepared financial information that allows managers within the business to be informed thereby empowering them to be better in their management and control functions thereby ensuring the smooth functioning of the business. Consequently this service streamlines your business, gives you an indication as to how your business is actually performing, not what you think it is doing and assists you with making vital business decisions through the assessment of income statements, P&L accounts, bench-marking, profit performance indicators and budgeting.


The following services will ensure that you know where your business stands financially, evaluate the performance, compare it with the performances of previous periods and implement measures to enhance performance into the future.


  • Monthly meetings to analyse the accounts, clarify any anomalies and deliver regular overview.


  • Ensuring recommendations and adjustments agreed at these monthly meetings are actioned by the client’s accounting department.


  • Liaise with third parties or auditors at year end if required.


  • Preparation of financial information in an agreed format tailored for the organisation depending on management information requirements such as balance sheets, budgets and cash-flow forecasts, income statements, KPI's, trend analysis, cost centre analysis, budgets comparisons, bench-marking.


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